Trek #5: Wildwood Trail

Considering the entire Wildwood trail is over 30 miles long, I will preface this post by saying I did not hike the entire thing.

Far from it, considering I squeezed this one in before work one day.  At the suggestion of my friend Adam, I went to the very start of it, the trailhead practically up near Sauvie Island. This is technically where the trail begins (or ends, if you’re starting it from inside the park).I suggest using Adam’s Directions to this section of trail, since they are incredibly detailed and I was able to find it with no problem.

This trek was accompanied by Andrew, my wonderfully always-willing companion. The section I decided to trek was a three mile loop, though we may have actually gone four miles considering we went at a good clip and completed it in an hour and a half.

The majority of the loop we hiked was fairly level, the only major elevation was in the 1/8 mile or so heading back to the trailhead. I could see this section of trail being ideal for runners who like trail running, since it’s such a vast trail and you can choose your own turn-around points.  The only snafu we came upon was a section perhaps a mile or so in, in which the bridge was incomplete. To get around it, we scaled over a log and navigated around a pretty muddy mess, but it wasn’t anything that obstructed our trek for more than a couple of minutes. Nothing compared to the Salmon Creek trail where Sarah and I came across a flowing body of water with literally no bridge whatsoever. Other than this, the trail was quite well maintained and very easy to walk through.

You’ll find plenty of old growth here. Massive tree cover, moss coating nearly everything, and the ground nearly entirely covered in ferns. Fallen logs covered with plant life. And since it was mid-spring, lots of birds calling and chirping to each other. Also, not many people along this trail, possibly because you do need a car to get here. A rather peaceful trail overall.

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Treks Down: 5, Treks to Go: 47

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