Trek #6: Wild Cherry Trail

The Wild Cherry Trail was a rather spontaneous trek.  Andrew and my friend Marissa and I decided to take a trek through Forest Park by entering through the Leif Erickson Trail, which you can get to by driving up NW Thurman St. until it dead ends at the trailhead.  Maybe 1/4 of a mile into the trail (which was a very wide, paved path), we saw the Wild Cherry Trail off to the left, a narrower, dirt trail that seemed to head straight into the depths of the woods. Intrigued, we took it.

This trail is a 4.8 mile loop, though we didn’t know it at the time and did roughly 3 miles total out and back, again due to time constraints. The first full mile and a half before our turn-back was an ascent, but not a steep one. I found this trail to be incredibly beautiful and pleasant, mostly populated by runners and dog walkers, though there were very few people total. I will definitely re-visit this one and do the full loop. Forest Park trail websites suggested another start point where it ends at the Leif Erickson trail in a descent, so I will look out for the alternate start point.

This trail felt very airy and open, even though the trail itself was quite narrow, the environment didn’t feel completely condensed with trees. Plenty of old growth and verdant plant life. Plenty of wildflowers were blooming along the side of the trail which added a nice splash of color to all the vibrant green.  Walking it, the way we went, you definitely get a good burn in your legs from the ascent, but it’s not so tiring that you’re wiped out after a mile and a half of upward trekking. I mean, if I can do this and not feel exhausted, pretty much anyone can enjoy this trek no matter their fitness level and get a nice burn in. I look forward to doing the full loop.

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Treks Down: 6, Treks to Go: 46


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