Trek #12: Salishan Nature Trail

Last weekend I treated myself and Andrew to a coastal anniversary getaway at the Salishan Resort in Gleneden Beach, OR. One of the perks of staying at the resort is a nature trail that extends from the property down to the ocean.

This trail was a really lovely treat. It parallels itself between the Salishan Resort golf course and Siletz Bay. But finding the head of the trail was the tricky part, despite the ‘map’ the front desk gave us upon check-in. The map given says you can get to it ‘near the shops behind the marketplace.’  The resort property is divided into two locations on either side of Highway 101. The resort and lodge are located on the eastern side, while various shops and the spa are located on the western side. After going down to the shops to find the trail, we were at a total loss. There is nothing even resembling a trail around there. I decided to head into the resort coffee shop to ask the folks behind the counter if they could help us out. I held up my little map and asked if they knew where the nature trail was, and the gentleman behind the counter laughed and said, “Ah, they gave you a map of the moon, didn’t they?” He then proceeded to show his coworkers our map, chuckling, telling them the maps the resort hands out are basically useless (to which I had to agree). A kind woman showed us outside and pointed us in the right direction. Between the spa and one of the shops is a road with a chain across it and a sign that says “Do not enter”. Enter it. It’s behind this road that takes you past the spa and shops where you will find the head of the nature trail.

Once on the trail, you will be treated to all sort of delights. Lots of wildflowers, birds, and the view of Siletz Bay is quite lovely. A quick google search of the Salishan Nature Trail leads to quite a few blogs that identifies the types of birds that inhabit the trail, like this one and this one. Along the right side of the trail nearly all the way to the ocean are views of Siletz bay, a sleepy little bay right next to Gleneden Beach.

The trail itself is a very well maintained gravel path. It will take you one mile out to Gleneden Beach and then one mile back. After the trail seemingly ends at a road, cross the road. Do not follow it. On the other side of the road, up a small hill/dune, you will have arrived at the ocean.

The day we went was a clear, sunny day. However, inexplicably, the beach had an enormously thick fog and the sky seemed a deep charcoal gray. We couldn’t see 20 feet past where we were standing at any given point. In a way it was funny because we’ve been to the coast in mid-winter and the beach was clear and you could see for miles into the ocean and view a pristine sunset. Not the case on an otherwise warm, summer day. It was strange. I wonder if this is typical of the Oregon coast in summer? Or if it just happened to be this particular beach. Either way, the trail was lovely, despite leading out to an ominously gray and foggy coastline.

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Treks Down: 12, Treks to Go: 40

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