Trek #21: Steel Bridge to Hawthorne Bridge Loop

I had debated adding this one to my hiking blog, because this trek takes place right in the heart of Portland. It trades a physical jungle for an urban one. But one day recently, I had decided I wanted to take a trek that didn’t require any transportation to get to besides my own two feet. I didn’t want to go on any ordinary walk, I wanted some place devoid of cars and crosswalks, and one that also has a view. I found that in the Eastbank Esplanade.So I decided to include this in my year of treks, because the esplanade affords people an urban trek in the heart of their city, which if you’re already close to downtown, doesn’t require any additional transportation to get to besides your legs. Plus you get river and skyline views without fear of getting run over by cars, buses, or trains which is always nice.

I decided upon a nearly 3 mile loop also known as the Steel Bridge to Hawthorne Bridge loop. It begins at the Steel bridge, continues south on the Eastbank Esplanade, crosses over the Hawthorne Bridge, then continues north through Tom McCall Waterfront Park, before crossing back over the Steel Bridge. Along the way you’ll pass some sculptures, some monuments, plenty of cyclists, and a good deal of history on the Waterfront Park side of the loop. This was a pleasant loop on an otherwise hot early evening, and not too crowded with pedestrian or bicycle traffic.

For more information on the exact loop I took, including historical markers and directions, you can take that in on this webpage. This loop is a must for any Portlander, native or recent transplant.

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Treks Down: 21, Treks to Go: 31

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