Trek #24: Elowah Falls

Elowah Falls is a perfect companion hike for Upper McCord Creek Falls, or if you’re already out there hiking another trail in John B. Yeon State Park. This is a fairly short yet absolutely lovely out and back trail starring 200+ foot Elowah Falls.

So much prettier and impressive in person.

Starting at the John B. Yeon State Park trailhead, you’ll have no problem find your way to the falls. Even though trail signs fail to include arrows to Elowah Falls from several junctions, someone (thankfully) has taken the liberty to carve into the wooden trail signage the proper way to Elowah Falls. After ascending to the first main junction, you’re going to head down on the left trail, where it swtichbacks on a fairly steep descent all the way to the waterfall. Once at the falls, there are endless possibilities for photos as there is a wide open space near the base off the trail to get your perfect shot. I went on a rather hot day and found a family splashing around in the pool near the base of the falls. Once you get your fill, head back the way you came. Do not continue on the false trail heading left of the falls, it dead-ends who knows where.

Overall this is a great 1.4 mile out and back hike with about 280 ft. elevation gain on the return trip. Very well maintained trail and, c’mon, a 200 foot waterfall. You’d be amiss if you skipped this hike if you’re already out that way. Also just a great hike to do on a hot summer day if you’re seeking a not-so-crowded spot to cool off. I went on a Wednesday and there was only one family at Elowah Falls. For directions coming either from Portland or the east, click here.

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Treks Down: 24, Treks to Go: 28


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