Trek #25: Horsetail Falls to Oneonta Gorge

Before I begin, I apologize for the brevity of the next four posts. For reasons that are beyond me, I have put off updating 52treks for well over a month now and sadly, the trail terrain isn’t nearly as fresh in my mind as it usually is directly after a hike, when I prefer to update. So to save myself from feeling too overwhelmed and delaying further updates, these will be posts told more in photos than words. I hope you still enjoy these entries.

I had originally planned on Trek #25 being an “Oneonta Gorge” hike, but once I got to the trailhead at Horsetail Falls, I quickly learned that this loop hike was much more a waterfall hike entailing many things besides Oneonta Gorge, which was actually a separate hike that I didn’t even take, save for arriving at the trailhead at the end of the loop.

Overall, this turned out to be a very lovely, trail, with many, many folks at the trailhead taking photos of the waterfall. I would grade this hike as easy, though there is a 610 foot elevation gain, it’s not a sharp or intense ascent. The trail is a very pleasant forest hike with peek-out views of the gorge and a few stunning waterfalls. At the end you can hike through the Oneonta Gorge itself, however I did not. Though late summer is the best time to do this as water levels are at its lowest to walk through the creekbed to the gorge itself.

On this hike I saw Horsetail Falls:

I also got a glimpse of Ponytail Falls, Middle Oneonta Falls, and Lower Oneonta Falls. There is a separate trail to see Triple Falls, though I did not take it. Overall, I found this 3 mile loop to be very pleasant and cool on a hot summer day. Highly recommended summer hike.

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Treks Down: 25, Treks to Go: 27

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