Trek #27: Latourell Falls (Partial)

Latourell Falls was one of the gorge hikes I’ve been wanting to hike since I started my year of treks, but seems this is just not the year to hike it. I’ve attempted it before and been thwarted at the parking area, and this time when I heard the trail was open, I jumped at the chance to hike it.

Only to find out that by “open”, most of the trail was in fact closed. So instead of making the 2.3 mile loop through the full trail, I was only able to get in a one mile total out and back trek to Latourell Falls itself, where beyond that point a barricade told us the trail was closed off.

The good news is, the waterfall is just beautiful:

I can’t give this trek a fair assessment as I wasn’t able to complete it. According to the Columbia Gorge trail service website, the trail should be re-opened to its full use in November. I had tried calling ahead of time before I left to hike it to confirm that it was in fact open, but I ended up leaving a message and no one got back to me. I will definitely revisit Latourell Falls again later in the year so I can see its full splendor.

Treks Down: 27, Treks to Go: 25

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