Trek #37: Cape Falcon

I decided to take full advantage of my weekend at the coast and hike out to Cape Falcon, touted as a gorgeous must-see to any hikers in the area. After my Neahkahnie Mountain snafu from earlier, I was looking forward to a straightforward hike out to a beautiful ocean viewpoint. And beautiful ocean viewpoint I got!

Slightly angled shot. I was a wee winded and unsteadily handed.

Cape Falcon is one of those hikes that I imagine most people take for the viewpoint alone. It’s an interesting trek in the sense that it’s the longest unbroken forested stretch of the Oregon Coast Trail (5 miles), and whilst hiking it, you feel about as far away from the ocean as possible. It’s not until you summit the hike at the tip of the cape and see infinite ocean below you that brings you back to where you actually are. It’s both breathtaking and surreal.

The trail itself, while possessing quite a few lovely spots, is just rather unbecoming. It’s incredibly, incredibly mucky. I get the impression from my trailbooks that the trail remains mucky year round. This is where I plug how amazing my Keen hiking boots are, because even when I continuously barreled through muck ankle deep, my feet were kept bone dry from trailhead to viewpoint and back. There were, however, some very slick spots that even the best traction couldn’t save, and I did wipe out once on a steep descent on wet stone. Eventually, you just embrace the fact that Cape Falcon is not going to be a clean nor graceful hike. Also, my fired “Day Hiking: Oregon Coast” trail guide says this trail has a 240 ft. elevation gain, but my fitness tracker recorded nearly 800 ft. (and confirmed by NW Explorer), so you’ll get a nice work-out in, too.

Once you reach the clearing where the tree-less viewpoint is, I recommend taking the time to explore all the corners of the small meadow. Each cliff offers a different beautiful ocean view as well as views to the coastal towns below. However, I was fighting daylight at this point and didn’t have the luxury to linger. But wow is it breathtaking up there. After you get your fill, return the way you came.

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Treks Down: 37, Treks to Go: 15

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