Trek #44: August Mountain Loop

August Mountain Loop is a 5 mile trail you can take either instead of or in addition to Shellburg Falls (click here to read about my Shellburg Falls trek).  While nearly all of my previous hikes have been filled with beauty or had at least one landmark to make it all worth it, I have to admit I found this trail to be rather underwhelming.

shellburg falls and august mountain trail 042Underwhelming might be harsh. Maybe just whelming.

Based on the numerous thin tire treads on the trail, I can tell August Mountain gets a good deal of mountain bikers. Maybe it’s more exciting if you’re whizzing over this path on two wheels. Some of the land the trail goes through has a lot of cut timber. Since I usually only take photos I think make for beautiful shots, I ended up not taking many of this trail. Actually, that above photo is probably the most appealing one, and it almost looks lush and inviting, but most of the trail was sparse and logged. I can’t fault my trailbook though, I decided to hike it while I was already out at Shellburg Falls, so I was going into this trek blindly (which is not wise, but the path was obvious).

I’d say if the day is nice and you’re looking for a little more exercise while already out at the falls, this could be a decent addition. Otherwise, I wouldn’t drive out here solely for the purpose of hiking this somewhat battered forest trail alone.  According to Portland Hikers Field Guide, there are supposed to be some very pretty flowers on the forest floor, so this trail is likely a much better spring and summer trek than a midwinter one when snow has covered the ground.

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Treks Down: 44, Treks to Go: 8

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