I do know I have 7 hikes to update here, as the final days of the year have been a mad frenzy, but…

I DID IT!!!! I COMPLETED 52 TREKS IN 2012!!!!!!

munson creek falls, cascade head, roads end, drift creek falls 083VICTORY!!!!!

My 52nd trek was completed at Drift Creek Falls on December 31st, 2012.

Updates on my final hikes to come very soon.  Happy trails everyone!

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  1. Kyle Kuns says:

    Fantastic, congrats!

  2. Sheri Fuchs says:

    Hi Jen! Congratulations on completing your mission! I was searching google for more info on hiking Strawberry Island and your blog popped up. I’ll be following you and hope to read about your last 7 hikes.

  3. cascadia57 says:

    You’ve inspired me!!! I want to do them all and live here in the area….thank you so much for shining the light 🙂

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