The 52 Treks Project

Hello! My name is Jen, and I’m a 29 year old in Portland, Oregon. I’m not the most fit, and I don’t have tons of hiking knowledge, but I love nature and all things beautiful.

The concept of 52 Treks is simple. In 2012, I will hike 52 trails.  These trails do not have to be unique, individual trails, as I’m sure there will be many treks I will want to repeat with others or solo.  However, the idea is to get out on trails, any trails, 52 times this year.  The Pacific Northwest is too beautiful to enjoy just on the pages of my glossy Oregon magazines.

I am also always seeking suggestions for future trails, so please leave comments!  Or if you have your own hiking stories to share, I would love to hear them.

Happy trails, everyone!Above photo take during November, 2011 on a hike at Wahkeena to Multnomah Falls.

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